Avas Secure E-mail Gateway

Filters and controls both inbound and outbound e-mail traffic of the corporate e-mail server,protecting from malicious attacks such as Malware, Phishing, Spearphishing, outbreaks and domain and brand abuses xx.

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Avas Secure E-mail Gateway flitra y controla los e-mails entrantes y salientes del servidor de correo electrónico corporativo, evitando todo tipo de ataque malicioso, protegiendo la reputación de sus dominios.


Avascloud SEG is implemented in a private cloud of dedicated, related containers with dedicated IP addresses.That way, your company is automatically protected from 'noisy neighbors',and made sure that other companies' blacklisting, backscattering and outbreaks will not affect your network reputation and operation.


Besides the usual white and blacklist of e-mail addresses, domains and IP addresses, Avascloud SEG has an extensive set of options to tweak in order to adjust to your company's sending and receiving profile.

Concentric rings

Avascloud SEG secures your e-mail with a concentric rings of tunable firewalls. The outermost ring is a strict firewall of real-time IPs that are performing attacks detected by the community, and filtered accordingly.


Avascloud SEG utilizes opensource code, as it is publicly audited for increased security, and Machine Learning algorithms to predict malicious attacking IPs and user behaviour. It makes extensive use of encryption and TLS options to ensure encrypted mail transport channels.


Unwanted e-mail with spam-like patterns is being flagged at different thresholds, to make sure the least dangerous or dubious are detected as such by the corporate e-mail server, and the most spammer ones directly get discarded.


In order to early block Ransomware attacks, Avascloud SEG gets a feed of virus block lists with more than 35.000 DGA (domain generated algorithm) domains, as well as malicious IP addresses detected at Planisys infrastructure in Europe, USA and Latin America.


PDNS is Planisys own DNS infrastructure and Web-UI , to implement DNS to announce domain sending policies as well as SSL certificates and roots of trust with technologies such as DNSSEC and resource records like SPF, DMARC, DANE, DKIM and CAA.

Outgoing routing

Avascloud allows you to separate outgoing traffic through SBR (Sender Based Routing), that is, relays dedicated to certain senders. In this way, you can assign a different treatment to certain senders to isolate them from more polluted channels, such as those originated in internal alert application mails.


AvasCloud SEG integrates with Active Directory, so your company can benefit from avoiding Dictionary attacks, Bounce amplification, and to avoid outbreaks by internal equipment that has been infected with some sort of malware.


Avascloud SEG differentiates multiple types of attacks, and has different options to combat any of them. This is the case for DDoS, Ransomware, Phishing, malware in general, Spearphishing, other viruses and spam.


DMARC is an authentication protocol to block spoofing. With Planisys' PDNS, we configure DMARC properly in order to announce to third parties including you , that when an email sender is in your domain, only SPF- and DKIM-validated emails should be accepted.

Inbound Email

Avascloud Secure E-Mail Gateway filters and controls e-mails before they enter your corporate e-Mail system, protecting your mailboxes from Virus, Malware, Phishing and spearphishing as well as Spam, letting redirect spam to a Junk mailbox, and viruses to a quarantine, thus keeping the Inbox clean.

Outbound Email

Avascloud Secure E-Mail Gateway filters and controls e-mails exiting your corporate e-mail System before they enter the Internet. It recognizes outbreaks, it filters outbound viruses and malware, protecting the reputation of your domain and brand in the Internet.


To protect against spear-phishing, which is the most feared form of deception in the financial and human resources departments of corporations, and considering that these messages target specific individuals, a comprehensive E-mail Security Monitoring, such as the one offered by Planisys Avascloud, is needed. By combining several techniques involving DNS, PKI and ML, spear-phishing attacks can be reduced to marginal percentages.

“E-mail is the weakest point preferred by cyber attackers to penetrate organizations since they rely on a series of tactics to deceive the user. Besides, e-mail is the most commonly used tool both by corporations and individuals for all kinds of communications.”

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