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Managed Cloud and hosting services

We implement and manage secure Cloud infrastructure for Linux and Windows environments.

Virtual Private Servers

System Containers vs Application Containers

We offer LXD containers that are complete, full operating system containers. As opposed to Docker and Kubernetes, that are application containers, meant to deploy one single application per container. On LXD containers you can log-in and do all your devops, sysadmin and programming work, with the advantage of being faster than a traditional Virtual Machine. Install dozens of Python virtualenv, or databases or entire LAMP/XAMP stacks.

Choose your Linux flavour

Guest operating systems for LXD containers can be any Linux, ranging from RedHat, CentOS to Ubuntu and Debian. Choose your favourite Linux distribution, on top of a new, state-of-the-art Kernel that we maintain at the physical layer.

LXC vs Traditional Virtual Machines

LXD containers are just like traditional physical and virtual machines, where you can log in, install and run your applications. The main advantages to traditional Virtual Machines are that they launch in seconds, many operations on them can be performed via API and WebUI, and principally the fact that they have metrics and are blazingly fast.

Choose your Linux flavour

If you are a design or web agency, or a hosting company, then Hosting Control Panels like ISPConfig provided as turnkey dedicated servers on LXD containers are your best choice. We provide not only the initial installation and continuous upgrades, but the managed services required for special operations. And the server is entirely yours, with your dedicated IP address

LXD advantages

Nearly all applications can be installed in LXD containers with no need to modify the application to make it run. This is because LXD’s machine containers operate just like VMs, but without the overhead of an Hypervisor of top of the Physical Machine.

Isp Config

  • Dedicated server multitenant for hosting
  • Ideal for companies that manage the sites of several clients
  • It supports login to the control panel of multiple clients each with multiple sites
  • Ideal for hosting php and ruby-on-rails applications
  • FTP and sftp access with antivirus control on the rise
  • Secure login by ssh to each site within its cage and access to logs in real time
  • Security settings anti-hacking, anti-malware and anti-Ddos for Wordpress and Joomla
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Supports several versions of PHP on the same server
  • Engines fpm and hhvm for PHP
  • Apache or Nginx (not both at the same time)
  • 1-click letsencrypt
  • 1-click install de wordpress
  • 1-click install de joomla
  • Ip dedicated without “noisy neighbors”
  • SSL panel for purchased or self-signed certificates
  • Automatic backups of content and databases
  • Server mounted on hypervisor lxd / lxc and NVD Enterprise SSD disks for maximum performance
  • 24Gbps dual-homed fiber optic network in ISO27001 Datacenters with 7 levels of physical security and redundant power
  • 1 terabyte of monthly transfer

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