Quality Policy of Planisys

Planisys, company providing computer services linked to solutions in the cloud: virtualization, datacenter, corporate email, email marketing and business intelligence, as well as consulting in Business Continuity (BCP / DRP), deliverability and technological projects in general .It is a company of vast experience, which ispermanently in the search for the satisfaction of its customers and theachievement of effectiveness in the services it provides. We establish our Quality Policy within the framework of the following principles:


Commitment to our client, working constantly to meet current demands in a timely manner and anticipate our clients' potential requirements, including special events in which they must have our services.


Responsibility and integrity, by maintaining an honest and responsible conduct in our actions, committing ourselves to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our processes and services.


Continuous improvement of our processes and services , through technical excellence and innovation, in order to respond to expectations and add value in our products, with the full participation of Customers and Employees in the search of better services to offer.


Effective support in the support of incidents, to maintain the provision of the service within agreed standards with the Clients


Support and preventive monitoring for the maintenance of the service, to avoid falls because they are attended in advance or are detected immediately and are quickly activated


Favorable work environment, based on the development of the staff and the provision of effective communication channels.


Training and awareness of our work team, providing the means and training all the personnel in a participative way to search for the skills and abilities necessary to ensure compliance with this policy and create the culture of continuous improvement.

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