Is a product of Planisys that allows you to keep corporate mail of your company, filed, unaltered and always available both for the user and for compliance with regulations, internal and external audits.

Integrated Avascloud e-Mail Security, it provides PCI-DSS compliance at a very moderate cost, and complete privacy as it is implemented in private servers just for your company or organization

  • Cloud hosted e-Mail
  • Integrated with AVAS SEG
  • SOGO Groupware Server
  • CalDav/CardDav/GroupDAV
  • Outlook CalDav Synchronization
  • iPhone/Android
  • Microsoft ActiveSync
  • Modern Responsive Webmail

  • Multiple privilege levels
  • Resellers, domain owners and end-users
  • Quota management
  • Spam options, white-blacklist per user and domain
  • Quarantine management
  • Mailaudit per user and domain
  • Auditlog
  • API REST Documentation

Corporate e-mail is a fundamental piece of our life at work, no matter how big the company is you're working at , and no matter your position within it.

Everything is in the e-mail

Corporate e-mail is a fundamental piece of our life at work, no matter how big the company is you're working at , and no matter your position within it. We focus specially on privacy and support the use of PGP Encryption with e-mail clients like Thunderbird. We keep it isolated and protected from robots reading your contents to avoid advertising robots flooding you with spam guessing your interests from keywords found in your private email.

Our Private Repository

E-mail is a de-facto repository nowadays for everybody, where we keep track of our past and recent activity, in form of documents, links, invoices, discussions, rendez-vous, tickets and incident tracking , contacts, addresses, messages, etc. We believe in e-mail as the fundamental tool for your everyday working and private life, and we must keep it clean from Spam, Malware and Unsolicited e-Mail.

Your e-mail in the Cloud

Have your e-mail backed up and secure in the cloud, don't rely on hackable personal computers and faulty hardware. You can even encrypt your e-mails with PGP while stored in the cloud. You own your private key, and your public key is made available to people who send you encrypted e-mail, that you can only decrypt with your private key

Protection and Filtering

Cloud hosted e-mail benefits from filtering and protection by Avascloud Secure e-Mail Gateway, that in turn uses a dynamic database of over 200 thousand real-time attacking IP addresses identified through Planisys Threat Intelligence Framework (PTIF). Protect your e-mail from spoofing, impersonation and BEC (Business Email Compromise) to avoid hackers and con men to drain your funds

Access from everywhere

The service can be managed centrally, it can be configured anywhere with Internet access, so you can use the migration tools for all the contents of the mailbox, including email, the calendar and others. Make use of Mailaudit to keep track of all your e-mail traffic, even suspicious e-mails received and quarantined

Security Pack

By using VPNs to access the e-mail servers, and PGP personal certificates, your e-mail can be even more secured and remain private. Protect yourself from e-mails falling in the wrong hands. Use our DMARC and SPF settings in the DNS, and automatic digital signatures to avoid tampering of your brand in the Internet, of hackers sending mails claiming to be from your domain.

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