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Our Mission

As a Cloud Native company in 2024, our mission at Planisys is to provide secure services in secure clouds, by being aware of new scenarios (Hybrid Clouds, SDN, CASB, EU GDPR, Regional Regulations other than US and EU), as well as the founding principles of Multitenancy, Identity and Authorization Management.


Planisys operates its own Cloud, Hardware and Network Infrastructure, and interacts with other public, private and hybrid clouds.


Planisys provides services also on top of other clouds as far as they ensure the state-of-the-art Cloud Privacy and Security Requirements.


Our internal architecture is Cloud Native, focusing on resiliency, interoperability and privacy. It is intended to support our SaaS and PaaS offerings, as well as new applications in the fields of IoT, Big Data, Mobile and AI.


As of 2024, we expect the massive shift of IT services to hybrid clouds to continue, and it is at the core of our mission to integrate our services with emerging technologies and services.

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