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What is HTTP/2 ?

  • What's the purpose of HTTP/2 ?
    HTTP/2 Server Push is a technology meant to decrease loading times of webpages, by minimizing the amount of HTTP requests sent from the browser to the server

  • How does HTTP/2 Server Push Work?
    HTTP/2 Server Push pushes content into the web browser before the browser asks for it. It is a server-side technology supported by Planisys CDN.

  • How does HTTP/2 increase speed?
    HTTP/2 Server Push anticipates that certain resources such as CSS files or Images are going to be requested for during the rendering process of a webpage by a web-browser. This way, your browser receives more resources than requested, thus saving valuable milliseconds of RTT (Round-Trip Time) as the browser needs to make less requests, encountering the resources needed to accelerate page rendering

  • What's the difference between HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1?
    HTTP/2 Server Push is a newer protocol. With HTTP/1.1 the components like CSS, JS scripts and images are loaded one by one, until the browser's engine can start rendering the webpage, and it goes on until the render is complete. With HTTP/2 the server makes use of an HTTP persistent connection to push more content than requested, as indicated by directives in the webserver configuration (e.g. in Planisys CDN).

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