(Data Mining and Delivery Services) is implemented with dedication in the Cloud, with a strong focus on the integration of Data Mining, Delivery Capacity, Orientation and Conversion.


High effectiveness

Unlike other services on the market, this solution is exclusively implemented in the cloud, with IP addresses and servers, so you will NOT share resources for sending e-mails with third parties, you will have information and automatic processing of feedback loops with Hotmail, Yahoo, and other ESPs, which will generate a reputation of its own in order to guarantee long-term deliverability.

Geolocation and detection of mobile devices

In addition to knowing the location of your audience and knowing from which devices they are reading the mail, the DMDS automatically feeds the contact base with this information so that in the next shipments through the Business Intelligence filters can send pieces in the language that correspond and with special formats for cell phones, tablets and other devices.

Predictive retrieval of e-mail addresse

With the aim of improving the quality of shipments, generate good reputation and avoid losing valuable contacts, before shipments the intelligent circuit of misspelling and automatic revalidation of contacts retrieves misspelled addresses and eliminates what does not apply.

Quality of databases

Through the analysis of the historical behavior of its contacts, the system provides automatic reports on the quality of the different databases processing historical information of the shipments and the behavior of the users in terms of openings and clicks in different links.

Customized and centralized metrics

It allows generating detailed reports and graphs in real time, with quantitative and qualitative data, exportable in Excel and Pdf format, in addition to having automatic integration with Google Analytics and Comscore so you can analyze your audience in the most efficient way

Automation and Segmentation

Integra via API REST and SOAP the DMDS with your Site or internal CRM systems, program your shipments according to dates and times, automate intelligent forwarding based on behavioral segmentation, customize the pieces and manage different e-mail circuits separating transactional e-mail of e-mail marketing.

How does the DMDS work ?

base de datos
Sent from the initial database
  • Marketing piece
  • Viralization
  • Multiple shipments
  • Scheduled in several days
  • Rules configuration
base de datos
  • Landing (form integrated with networks)
  • They opened and clicked
  • They opened
  • They did not open (but they did not bounce)
  • Bounces or unsubscribed
  • Feedback loop/spam
base de datos
  • It nourishes information to the configuration of new rules, optimizing the quality of the shipment.
  • Send only active contacts, do not pay to reach inactive contacts and improve the arrival to the inbox.

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