Based on infrastructure, software and its own operation, it connects directly with 845 networks among telcos (BT Latam, Globenet, GTT, etc.) and portals such as Google, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, etc., guaranteeing secure delivery and effective content to the companies that it serves.


Content Delivery Network + Web Application Firewall

CDN-WAF provides a cloud-based , multi-tenant , integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF) service along with the main traffic management functions of the CDN, with rules for: Blocking of Bad Bots, Blocking of SqlInjection, Blocking of FileInjection, Blocking of ExploitPatterns, DDoS Protection with an IP reputation database, Blocking of Bad Referral Sites


Why could too many POPs and constantly changing addresses of a CDN become a nightmare for site maintainers?


Si necesita purgar el contenido, tener su contenido publicado en más de 100 o 1000 POP, convierte la tarea en algo imposible de realizar en un período de tiempo razonable. De lo contrario, solo es cuestión de milisegundos hasta que Planisys CDN indique a sus trabajadores de CDN que destruyan el contenido determinado.


Con un conjunto fijo de direcciones, puede configurar un firewall, incluso un balance de carga y proteger su sitio de origen de accesos externos, permitiendo que la CDN sea el único lugar desde el cual se puede acceder a su sitio de origen, excepto en el caso de backoffice, en lo cual un VPN es lo mas recomendado.


Es más fácil depurar los problemas de latencia de sus clientes si conoce el conjunto fijo de direcciones IP con las que podrían tener problemas. De lo contrario, resulta imposible para un cliente abrir un ticket con su proveedor de conectividad, porque no podría proporcionarles las direcciones IP con las que tienen dificultades.


Con un conjunto fijo de direcciones, usted como cliente de CDN puede centrarse en los servicios de monitoreo en esas direcciones IP fijas, de lo contrario tendría un "retraso de propagación" o “grayzone” para monitorear cuando las direcciones IP están cambiando


Trabajar con CNAME y los nombres de DNS en la parte superior de una zona se convierte en una pesadilla cuando sus direcciones IP siempre están cambiando. Con Planisys CDN, puede configurar un CNAME permanente para el sitio web, pero también un PSEUDOCNAME, que es un tipo de RR desarrollado por Planisys DNS para evitar la superposición del CNAME en la parte superior de la zona..


Con un pequeño conjunto de direcciones IP de alto tráfico que nunca cambia, puede monitorearlas y tener la certeza de que no se comparten con otras personas, lo que podría dañar la reputación de su red o agotar sus recursos.

planisys edge

Planisys Edge

Shield of origin in dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 planisys origin organizations that can communicate with the origin of the application, also called upstream, for example. a server that has an application in AWS.

Organizations can add the DShield IP address to the list and block all other incoming connections on standard HTTP and HTTPS ports, such as 80 and 443, or any of the ports in the application. This can be achieved through access rules on the nginx or apache servers, firewall rules or a control panel provided by the hosting provider or IaaS.


Page Rules

Fine grained page rules permit HTTP header manipulation to override or improve CMS backend shortcoming.

OWASP Security

Achieve PCI DSS Compliance, Owasp Web security and Anti-DDoS in a single dashboard

Mobile and tablet autodetection

Optional SmartPhone and Tablet Auto-detection lets the CDN serve mobile content for non-responsive websites.

Inspect and purge cache

Through Panel tools you can operate over the CDN cache, purging and doing inspections by partial or complete content.

Intuitive and powerful control panel

You can view and also manage your information in real time, unified Bandwidth and Transfer Reports. You can see a brief of all the site traffic or each IP Connections Online and Request per second.

Brotli support

Planisys CDN uses Google's brotli compression algorithm aside of gzip,that delivers a 20 to 25% better compression ratio compared to Gzip or Zopfli.

HTTP2 TLS 1.3 0-RTT Support

Planisys CDN already supports HTTP/2 and TLS v1.3 with zero roundtrip resumption to resume HTTPS sessions immediately and reduce latency drastically.

Benefits of the Planisys CDN Platform

Always Online

  • Improves user experience and decreases latency
  • SSD disks and multilayer indexes for fast serving of web cache
  • adapted to multiple scenarios of changing MTUs, CMSs with few resources or that fail
  • Highly tuned TCP/IP stack for ultra-fast content-delivery

  • Tools for X509 certificate checking and generation
  • Tools to generate CSRs and store them
  • Tools for DNS and WHOIS checking of domains
  • Tools for URL retrieval hitting backend servers directly to test them
Mayor Tráfico
Increased Traffic

  • Lets your improve presence by driving more traffic to browsers
  • Doesn't require a proportional growth of backend servers
  • Multi upstream and multi peer 10G network at busiest IXPs
Alta Disponibilidad
High Availability

  • Automatic detection of backend server outages and failures
  • The CDN switches automatically to Disaster Recovery mode
  • Your site keeps always online even during maintenance windows

  • Increases parallellism from users' browsers to the CDN with HTTP2
  • TCP/IP improvements like FastOpen and handshake reduction
  • TCP congestion control BBR

  • Encryption preference through HTTP / 2
  • Always prefer encryption by means of HTTP/2 protocol
  • Tuning of encryption protocols for PCI/DSS compliance
Reglas OWASP
OWASP Rules and dedicated IP addresses

  • Rules for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, and DDoS protection
  • anti-DDoS and access control options
  • Dedicated IP addresses and containers for every customers
Bajo Costo
Low cost

  • Reduce en un 80% los costos de infraestructura backend
  • Intelligent traffic rules to reduce calls to backend servers
  • Our Multi tier 10G network allows you to handle huge spikes in traffic

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